1. A young lady who was sleeping in the church yard was referred to BENS by the Council. She had lost her job because her employer had lost his transport licence. She had been living in a bedsit and was evicted after two weeks of losing her job as she had not been able to pay the room rent. After being with BENS for five weeks she had found herself a new job and was able to pay her way and she moved on to her own accommodation.

2. A 24 year old man, who had been homeless since the age of 13, was with us for about 2 months when he was allocated a flat in Halstead. However this person felt so safe at BENS --- a new sensation -- that it took us a month to get him to move into his own accommodation.

3. A young man had had a relationship break-down and was evicted from his home on a Sunday night. Due to other circumstances he did not have money or any access to money (not rare now). His employer helped him with the deposit for a room rent the next day and he was able to move on. This young man has since helped BENS with the service where he is employed.

4. A middle age man had had a family breakup and had to move out to a bedsit. He started to drink, and as a result of the alcohol abuse he lost his job and soon found himself homeless. At this point he attempted to take his own life, and was admitted to hospital. After his stay, the hospital referred him to BENS. At BENS he was given an opportunity to get his dignity back, working with us he build up his self-esteem and has been able to move on.

A few sayings of clients

The most common quote is “Staying at BENS has saved my life”'.

Many just say “We are extremely grateful".

Others say “We will never be able to repay you for giving us the place to stay while we sort out our lives”.

Hope House - helping the homeless in Essex. Registered charity number 1149067