Who are the homeless?

Homelessness has doubled nationally since 2010.

Many different -- most commonly one partner in a family breakup, others from birth in broken families, others suddenly unemployed so they can’t pay the rent, others with mental health conditions who can’t solve their problems, others out of prison with no accommodation offered, others with addictions who can’t get help for them…. & where are they?

Sometimes it is simply sleeping in a back alley

Sometimes it is sleeping in a car with all ones worldly goods

Often it is sofa-surfing --- as a guest in an acquaintance’s house, but no longer welcome

While this charity was operating previously over a period of 3 years in braintree (as bens) , not only was our hostel always full, but it got between 2 & 3 applications every week that had to be turned down because the place was full. We reckon that the house could have been occupied 4 or 5 times over, judging by the applications. Our small facility is all we have.

Hope House - helping the homeless in Essex. Registered charity number 1149067